"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

Frost Hot Glasses

At Chic POP last week, we met Wai Foon who runs a business that exclusively distributes high end eyewear in KL. We took a look at some of the labels, and fell completely for Frost a brand of niche designer eyewear. So I thought I’d share some of the pieces with you!

Originating from Germany, Frost was founded by Paris and Marion Frost. Their designs are an expression of identity, individuality, creativity and authenticity, with timeless modernity in each frame.

Wearers would need lots of confidence to pull off these unique frames, but each pair of glasses are a work of art all by themselves. Just the thing you could use to spruce up a bland outfit!

Frost distinctly injects bold colours to match its playful designs! I love that these pairs are equally striking and trendy as they are functional. They make spectacles an accessory, not a neccessity!

Retail price for a pair ranges from RM980 to RM1,380.

Frost glasses are available at:
- Reliance Optical in Bangsar
- Oxford in USJ Summit
- Optique in Hartamas